10 Night Blooming Flowers To Help You Create A Magical Moon Garden

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What if you could duplicate a starry night sky, but in your garden instead? These 10 night blooming flowers show off their beauty at night so you can enjoy their subtle glow without flooding your garden with artificial light.

Planting your own night blooming flowers will also help you get back in touch with nature. Instead of staying in at night to watch TV, why not spend some time in your backyard with your moon garden? The flowers will provide a beautiful and fragrant backdrop for any moonlight ritual you wish to forego.

While these night blooming flowers will show up better on nights with lunar lighting (full moon, anyone?), their designs can be enjoyed even in the absence of moonlight. Their fragrant aromas can also be appreciated with or without the presence of a full moon.

Flowers For Moon Gardens

There are four types of plants used when creating a magical moon garden:

  1. Plants with white flowers.
  2. Plants with bright foliage.
  3. Night blooming flowers.
  4. Plants with fragrant blooms.

It is suggested, when planting moon gardens, to “mass plant.” In other words, you want to plant your night blooming flowers in large clusters so that individual blossoms don’t get swallowed up by the darkness. If you plant them in a giant circle or crescent shape, when they bloom, it’ll look as though the moon is right there on the ground with you – “as above, so below.”

For the purposes of this article, I will outline the night blooming flowers first, followed by a list of the other three types of plants you might want to consider for your moon garden.

Night Blooming Flowers

These plants have some of the most fragrant blossoms – and rightfully so. If not for a strong scent, they would never get pollinated. By emitting a strong fragrance, they lure in nighttime pollinators so they have the chance to bloom.

1. Evening Primrose

This perennial spreads rapidly and can cover a lot of ground. The pale pinkish-white flowers open at dusk and release a sweet aroma.

2. Angel’s Trumpet

The hanging trumpet-shaped flowers make this plant a delight for any garden. This annual spreads like crazy, but it is also a tropical plant, so it grows best in zones 9-11. However, this plant can be grown in a container, and brought inside when cool. Be careful, however, as the plant is poisonous.

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