15 Fantastic Ideas For Transforming Small Rooms Into Amazing Spaces

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Just because you only have a small amount of square footage in a room, doesn’t mean you have to skimp on design. If you have a small room in your house or apartment that you’re not quite sure what to do with, these amazing ideas are sure to give you plenty of inspiration.

Whether you live in a tiny studio or have a small room in a home – these 25 amazing ideas are incredible for transforming a small space into an inviting place to live, relax, and socialize.

Even a closet can be transformed into a functional bit of square footage.

1. Three beds in one room

This clever design idea is great for siblings that need to share a room. Two of the beds can be easily rolled and hidden underneath the third bed which is elevated up on a platform. The Smart Local has other great space-saving ideas.

2. Make a romantic lounging or reading nook

If you have a small nook in the corner of your room that you’re unsure how to use, wallpaper and the right piece of vintage furniture can transform it into your favorite place in the house. One Kind Design shared this gorgeous design.

3. Take advantage of tall ceilings

In small spaces, high ceilings can be a godsend. Take advantage of the vertical space by building an elevated loft for a sleeping space or seating area. Jay Austin lives in a studio that is only 8-feet wide, but you’d never know it by his creative design.

4. Neutral colors are your best friend

Small studios can quickly feel cramped when there are multiple pieces of furniture inside. Help prevent a cluttered or claustrophobic feel by keeping decor and furniture in neutral colors. This will make the studio feel bright, airy, and larger than really it is.

5. Multi-purpose furniture can maximize space

Creative designs like this one are a great way to save space and get practical use out of your furniture. What was once an area the size of a twin bed, now has two beds, a desk, a storage area, and a shelf.

6. Hide a bed in the wall

Murphy beds have come a long way since you’ve seen them in old television shows or seen them in centuries-old apartment buildings. A room could serve as an office, but it could also transform into a guest bedroom in an instant.

7. Narrow room solution

Narrow rectangular rooms can be a bit tricky to work with; using the wrong decor or pieces of furniture can quickly make the room feel like a cave. Choose a long piece of furniture, like a daybed or sofa, that matches the length of the room but doesn’t take up too much width. Of course, neutral colors and making use of vertical space is always a great design tactic in a small room.

8. Hide a bed behind closet doors

Ever thought of transforming a closet into a sleeping space? Why not? If there’s enough room in a long closet for a twin-size bed or futon, add some shelves and a bit of LED lighting, and you have yourself a cozy little sleeping nook! The best part? It can be hidden away when the closet doors are closed.

9. Create dreamy room dividers

If you have a studio but wish to have the privacy of a bedroom, room dividers are a great solution. Make them dreamy and whimsical by using light-colored curtains or pieces of fabric and hang them with a drying line. Even if the curtains are see-through, it will still make the room feel a bit more intimate.

10. White, white, white

White is a magical color for making small spaces feel larger. Use a stark white, mixed with other shades of white, like cream or ivory, to transform a tiny bedroom. Add pops of color or a pattern here and there to show off a bit of personality.

11. Get clever with bunk bed designs

Much like Murphy beds, bunk beds have come a long way since the standard twin bed over twin bed set-up. Instead, create a design that is practical, functional, and beautiful. This gorgeous design features a queen-size bed with a small staircase leading up to the second bed. Built-in drawers provide storage, and the lighting under the top bunk is a wonderful detail to add.

12. Lift a bed for extra storage

KEA Hackers has an awesome tutorial on how to transform three IKEA dressers into an elevated bed with lots of storage, not only in the drawers but underneath the mattress as well. Absolutely genius!

13. Add a “second story”

Every square foot counts when you live in a small space. If you have the ceiling space, build a “second story” loft for lounging, socializing, or sleeping. Save the “downstairs” for the dining room or a workspace. Plus, you can have so much storage underneath.

14. Build and stack furniture

Modular and stackable furniture is a great choice for saving space while maximizing storage and functionality. This beautiful design features a bed and dresser elevated on top of yet more drawers. The longer drawer on the right actually pulls out to reveal another bed. IKEA has some of the best stackable and modular furniture at a reasonable price.

15. Lighting is key

Light fixtures, and where they’re placed, can have a major impact in a tiny room or apartment. Keep decor to a minimum and use small lamps or vintage bulbs to illuminate the room or highlight areas like a workspace or piece of art.

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