19 Ways to Improve Garden Soil and Boost the Yield Year After Year

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4. Creepy Crawlies Help Your Soil

You can purchase worms or raise them yourself. You also can choose to add them directly to your garden or add them to your compost.

Either way, they’ll be helping your garden. Worms are a great addition to your soil because they can convert what you add to your soil into usable products that the soil needs like vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Plus, they also help to aerate the soil by moving around in it. Their excrement is a natural soil binder as well.

5. Keep Off of Your Soil

Whether you are gardening in a raised bed or a plot of earth, you need to take steps to not step on your garden soil.

Which means having walkways between the rows in your garden, or you need to make sure that you can comfortably reach across your raised bed.

Either way, by avoiding walking on your soil you help to keep the soil aerated. The weight of our feet compresses the air and takes away the aerated benefit that helps plants.

6. Soil Can’t Work When Wet

It is tempting as soon as a rainstorm moves out, to want to work in your garden. The fact is, you shouldn’t work on your soil when it is wet.

The reason is that when you work in wet soil, you compress the air out of it, which is the opposite effect you want to have.

You’ll know the soil is too wet to work in by taking a ball of soil in your hand and squeezing it. If water comes out of it, you should wait a few days to a week to test it again.

7. Put Your Farm Animals to Work

If you have access to farm animals or to where you can purchase their manure, you just struck a gold mine for your soil.

Most animal manures are a great addition to your garden. Consider using chicken, horse, cow, goat, and certainly rabbit manure to spread out over the soil.

This addition will break down and organically feed your soil. Your plants will love it!

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