8 Ways To Reuse, Recycle & Rewear Your Old T-Shirts

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Do you need some help deciding what to do with all of your old t-shirts? Here are 8 DIY projects dedicated to reusing your unwanted, too small, too large or just extra t-shirts.

1. Make an Apron– Cut your old t-shirt into a large rectangle from under the neck to the bottom of the shirt. Fold the bottom of the shirt about 5 inches up from the bottom and sew into 4 even sections. Take the back of your leftover shirt and cut 6 strips of fabric and sew three together and repeat for the other three. Now, sew the strips of fabric onto the back of the apron of the skirt. These will work as the part that you tie around your waist

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2. Make a Bow– Fold your t-shirt in half and cut just below the armpit and about 3 inches above the hem. Take the middle section of your fabric and align the seams together and cut off about 2 inches of the fabric. Unfold the extra 2 inches of fabric and cut a 4×6 inch rectangle. Turn the fabric inside out and fold both pieces in half lengthwise and sew along the open ends with a half inch seam allowance. Turn fabric right side out and fold the bow pieces in half width wise. Sew along the open ends allowing for a half inch seam. Fold the bow to create pleats and sew it together. Slide the small loop over the pleats and sew into place.

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3. Make a Latch Hook Rug– This DIY project is very similar to our DIY: Recycled Towel Rug. Simply follow the same simple steps found in our towel rug post and replace the strips of towels with strips of your old t-shirt.

4.Make an Infinity Scarf– For this project you will need a few different t-shirts. First cut your shirts in rectangles of equal width. Place your t-shirts into two columns and sew them together with the insides facing each other. Sew the two columns together with the fabric facing each other, you should have a long tube of fabric. Stitch the ends of the tube together, leaving a hole, so you can flip everything inside out. Once you have turned it right side out, iron the fabric so the seams lay flat. Now, enjoy your scarf.

Via: scarves.net

5. Add Lace Sleeves– Take your t-shirt and cut raglan sleeves about 3 cm from the top of the shirt and draw a line diagonally to the sleeves end. Cut both sides off the shirt. Use those to cut the same sleeve sample into the lace fabric but leave 1 cm for each side. Pin the lace onto the sleeve on the reverse side of the shirt. Sew the sleeves length slowly and gently. Try on the shirt and cut the bottom of the lace to wherever you want it to hit on your arm.

Via: virginiepeny.com

6. Make a Tunic– The hardest part of this DIY is finding a t-shirt that is long enough to be a dress. The first step is try your t-shirt on inside out and make a mark where you want the waist of the dress to be. Next, cut a piece of elastic that is the same size of your waist or wherever you choose the waist of the dress to be. Sew the piece of elastic onto the inside of your dress and trim off any extra elastic at the end. To make the dress more elegant or feminine you can make a deeper neckline into your shirt.

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7. Make a Dog Toy– Take two old shirts and start by cutting 2-3 inch wide slits at the base of your shirts. Then, rip along the slits, so you have many different strips of fabric. Gather your t-shirt strips together and tie off at one end. Divide your strips of fabric into three sections and begin braiding them together. Once you reach the other end, tie it off and you will have your dog toy.

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8. Make a Quilt– This DIY project works for the person with lots of unwanted t-shirts. Simply cut all of your t-shirts into the same size square or rectangle shape. Next, take your fusible interfacing and cut out the same size shapes and then them onto the backs of the shirts. Finally, sew all of your t-shirts together into a large blanket and your quilt is finished.

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I hope this blog has inspired you to finally get some use out of your hundreds of useless t-shirts. I am no stranger to keeping my t-shirts for the sentimental value but now I have some options for reusing and recycling the shirts I am not yet ready to get rid of. Feel free to comment below with any edits, comments or suggestions. Be sure to check back next Monday for some more helpful DIY blogs!

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