Top 15 Green Travel Tips

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What is Green Travel?

Travelling is an exciting and thrilling experience in anyone’s life. It is a chance to try new things, be apart of new experiences and have a generally boosted outlook on life. Green travel is about adopting green methods and practices which can help you reduce carbon emissions, save energy and money and leave nothing behind other than your own footprints. If you practice green methods while you’re at home, then it’s a great idea to take these same practices on the road to conserve energy for future.

Just because you’re travelling somewhere doesn’t meant that you have to give up all of the different green practices you take such care in at home. By doing this, you’ll also be effectively and positively contributing to the environment of everywhere you travel. Staying green while travelling is a very easy thing to do, and here you will find the 25 easy travel tips to continue staying green and reducing your carbon footprint while you’re out on a new and exciting adventure.

Trips can be a flurry of different places to go and people to see. There are events, concerts, and all types of exciting things to do. When you’re arriving to a destination, many people choose to take a cab or rent a car while they’re in town. If you will be travelling somewhere else the next day, try to stay away from this and map out a route on your own. This will help you reduce your emissions no matter where you go.

15 Green Travel Tips

Although it’s not advised to practice this line of thinking when you’re in a notoriously dangerous area, it’s a great school of thought to live by when you’re travelling somewhere well populated. Some of the great tips that come with being conscious about your carbon footprint while travelling include:

1. Opting to take a bicycle or trolley service to your destination. Although there are many cheap rental cars that are always available if you want to travel countryside but leave the car in the parking as it will help you save energy and finding parking can be a challenge for you in a big city.

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