15 Surprising Myths About Green Living

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Green living is a chosen lifestyle that is aimed at conservation of earth’s biodiversity and habitats and reservation of the earth’s and personal resources. It was until the effects of global warming became evident that humanity begun to reconsider the impact of their actions on planet earth. This is what inspired the green living concept. Otherwise stated, green living tries to lessen the impact of pollution and wastage by opting for a less wasteful and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Essentially, green living is based on six principles; eco-friendly homes, clean energy, sustainable and healthy food, clean transportation, proper usage of water and proper disposal of waste. As much as green living is good for environmental sustainability, there are several myths arising that make people who choose this lifestyle to look like extremists and some that may be misleading to those living green. This article debunks the 15 surprising myths about green living.

Myth 1. Green living is for treehuggers

A lot of people hear the word green living and imagine a bunch of people sharing a house practicing farming or those who love trees or those who prefer the use of natural herbs. There is nothing wrong with preferring the hippie way of life but green living is for everybody. One doesn’t have to put herbs in their tea to be regarded as living the green lifestyle. It is actually the little changes that count like replacing paper wipes with hankies and kitchen towels.

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