15 Surprising Myths About Green Living

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Myth 2. Disposable plastic is impossible to do away with

Plastic currently is hard to do away with but disposable plastic can easily be gotten rid of. It is as simple as replacing disposable plastics with permanent or biodegradable items. For example, one can carry his or her own cloth bag to the supermarkets and stores for packaging at the checkouts. When shopping for cereals and other non perishable items, one can opt for bulk stores that allow returnable crates or the use of own jars and containers. One can alternatively reuse and recycle extra plastic at home. For example, plastic jars can be decorated and used as a vase for flowers.

Myth 3. Home products that are eco-friendly are expensive and hard to find

Eco-friendly products are products that pose no danger to the environment or to one’s health and are manufactured sustainably. There are many natural food stores, supermarkets and boutiques with eco-friendly products like cleaning supplies, clothes, appliances and furniture. They save a lot of expenses on one’s or family’s health or other living costs related expenses such as bills for lighting and heating.

Myth 4. Green living is expensive and boring

Jill Tokunaga of Hawaii gas says most people associate green living with inconvenient lifestyle changes and big expenses. The truth is that it is the small changes that make a difference. One doesn’t have to suddenly buy a home built of bamboo to be living green. A small change like preferring to walk to a destination that is twenty blocks away instead of driving there can make a lot of difference in the environment, one’s health and the wallet as well. Taking a minute to switch off every appliance and lights in the apartment is a change that is not drastic yet counts. One small change at a time is one step towards a cleaner and greener earth.

Myth 5. Hand washing is greener than using a dishwasher

Some ten years ago, yes, hand washing would have been greener than using a dishwasher. In this decade though, it all depends on the model of dishwasher you are using and the resources put into hand washing. There are modern dishwashers that are energy efficient and use less water. Rodalesorganiclife however shows that dishwashing could actually use more water that a modern energy efficient dishwasher. Furthermore, if you heat the water you use for dishwashing, you are better off loading the dishwasher. If you prefer to hand wash your dishes or are running on a tight budget, just separate the washing and rinsing water in two sinks or use one big bowl to hold the water for washing and scrubbing then rinse in the sink.

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