15 Impressive Reasons To have a Home Energy Audit Today

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2. To evaluate the performance of the building envelop

The building envelop is the barrier that separates the interior and exterior of the building.  The building envelop consists of a series of systems safeguarding the interior of the building from the environment and from aspects such as wind, temperature, precipitation, and humidity. The main components of the building envelop are walls, doors, roofing systems, foundation, and windows. Conducting a home energy audit may reveal any inefficiencies with the building envelop that may result to energy loss. Conducing a blower test may identify whether there is too much airflow at the door and rectify the problem to reduce the loss of energy.

3. To understand energy consumption and utility bills

A home energy audit consists of an energy consumption analysis that analyses the household energy consumption. Through computer simulation, the expert can identify the current energy load and provide a report on the energy consumed by each home appliance. This is a way of understanding where energy is being used too much and ways to make adjustments to use lower energy. In case of home appliances, it gives a recommendation of the appliances to replace in order to cut down on energy usage.

4. To make the home more comfortable

Making adjustments within the home not only save on energy consumption but also helps to improve the comfort of your home. The audit can reveal any crevices that may cause air to escape or getting in causing the home to be uncomfortable. The leaks may be the reason why the home owner finds the heating and cooling system inefficient in winter and summer. The expert hence provides recommendations on how to seal the air leaks as a first step towards ensuring comfort of the home. Installation of proper insulation will ensure that energy is not lost and the comfort of the home is maintained.

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