15 Impressive Reasons To have a Home Energy Audit Today

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5. To increase the resale value of the home

A home that is energy efficient is worth more value that one without. For every dollar reduced in the energy bills, the value of the home increases annually with about $25. This means that if the annual energy consumption is cut down by $300 the home’s value will rise by $7500. Conducting a home energy audit will mean that the home owner will install energy efficient  thus anyone seeking to purchase the home may need to buy it at a higher price. It also makes the home attractive for many buyers.

6. To boost energy efficiency

About 12% of greenhouse gases produced in the Unites States come from residential areas and businesses. Conducting a home energy audit can let the home owner understand the efficiency of the boiler, heating and cooling system,and lighting. Using some older versions of heating and cooling system may mean that there is too much energy wastage in the home. As such, upgrading to efficient lighting systems, heating and cooling system will conserve resources without compromising the home’s comfort.

7. It is a way of ensuring safety of the home

One important element of a home energy audit is conducting a combustion safety testing. This test is done on heating equipment to identify gas leakage, carbon monoxide levels and exhaust leakage. The exposed gas pipes are also tested to ensure that there are no crevices that would result to gas leakage. The exhaust is also tested to identify the carbon monoxide levels. The moisture in the house is tested to ensure there is no mold in the house that would compromise on the health of the home owner.The test comes along with a recommendation on how to reduce production of carbon monoxide and safety precautions to ensure there is no gas leakage.

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