15 Remarkable Ways to Go Green at Workplace

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2. Pack your lunch ahead of time with reusable containers. When you buy food during lunch, it’s likely that it will be packed in a bag you’ll have to throw away. If you have to do this, make sure you dispose of the recyclables in a recycle bin. If you do bring food from home, pack your food in reusable containers inside of a storage bag that can be reused as well.

3. Use reusable water bottles and mugs at work. Disposable water bottles are found all over landfills and their environmental impact is atrocious. With reusable water bottles, you save money and won’t have to ingest the invisible residue that is known to come from throwaway plastic bottles. You can also enjoy the personal touch of drinking coffee from your own mug instead of disposable cups.

4. Be conscious of your printing practices. It’s best to print using the double-sided printing option that comes with many of today’s printers. If that’s not an option, then print what you must and reuse the sheet of paper by writing on the blank side if you can. When you fax, learn ways to do so electronically. There are many virtual options that don’t require you to print paper in order to send a fax, and e-signatures help you sign off on important documents without needing to do it by hand on paper.

5. Have a personal spot for your recyclables if necessary (and encourage others to do the same). Sometimes, recycling while at work isn’t always an option. If this is the case, then you can set aside recyclable material that you can properly dispose of later, whether it be at home or dropping it off in a recyclable bin during your commute.

6. Upgrade your office decor. Suggest that real plants be placed throughout your office and other indoor working spaces. Because carbon is stored in plants, putting them inside filters the air. They also create a more peaceful and enjoyable environment for everyone.

7. Use energy saving lights. It goes without saying that anywhere we must work should be well lit, but this need can also be met in an eco-friendly manner. LED lights conserve energy and last much longer than standard light bulbs while brightly illuminating the room.

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