15 Remarkable Ways to Go Green at Workplace

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8. Make it a habit to think before you act. Have you ever thought about the reminders at the bottom of some emails telling you to consider if your document really needs to be printed? These considerations are a good practice for all of your work habits. Think about the things you do and consider alternatives that are more environmentally friendly.

9. Don’t trash gently used material and items. Donate books and manuals that could be of benefit to someone else. When you upgrade equipment, see if someone else may need what you are replacing. Oftentimes, we forget that many of the items we no longer use can be of value to others.

10. Share printed files with coworkers to cut back on how many copies have to be printed. To avoid printing altogether, create digital copies that everyone can open and read from their computers or create a presentation that can be viewed by everyone at once.

11. Have a recycle bin and encourage its use. If there is no recycle bin at work, find out if it’s acceptable to place one in a frequently traveled area within the office so that everyone can be prompted to use it. Spread the word that there is a recycle bin in the office if one has to be newly added. Then, by placing it in clear view of everyone, it will serve as a gentle reminder of the importance of recycling.

12. Show that recycling is part of your company values. Usually, the culture of the office is set by both the higher-ups and the employees. Offer fun prizes and giveaways as a way to show employees that you appreciate their efforts to work sustainably. If you are an employee, suggest the idea to management.

13. Make the most of paper you use. After you use one side of a sheet of paper, whether it be printed or notebook paper, it’s typical to throw it away. Along with making use of the blank side of the paper, you can cut out blank spots of paper to create a custom notepad to jot down reminders before recycling the rest.

14. Buy eco-friendly office supplies. When you buy recycled products, you support a business that values sustainability, and you are also helping to support initiatives that preserve trees and natural resources.

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