Top 5 Wonderful Eco-Friendly Gardening Ideas

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2. Let Birds Be Your Garden Wardens

When it comes to pests that can wreak havoc in your garden, such as slugs, grubs, caterpillars and snails, birds can act as excellent and natural garden wardens. Encourage birds to visit your garden by hanging feeders and nesting boxes. Insecticides, fungicides and weed killers are all toxic to your garden environment, encouraging birds and the right kinds of insects cuts down on the necessity of such products. If you need a more rapid approach to getting rid of a slug or snail problem, you could use crushed eggshells or slug pellets that are environmentally friendly to create a barrier.

One great way to encourage birds into your home is to use a water fountain. This is a bird friendly addition and can also look great – here are some beautiful outdoor water fountain ideas.

3. Think About Companion Planting

Gardens that benefit from a wide variety of plants tend to be the healthiest and prettiest. In addition, specific plant combinations can act as a complement to each other, in effect helping each other to grow healthily. Take for example Marigolds, they act as a deterrent to soil and flying insects that are not wanted in the garden. Plants that are shorter or sensitive to the sun can benefit from the shade provided by taller plants.

It’s worth mentioning, however, that whilst some plant pairings can provide significant benefit to both plants, others do not pair well together and can in fact have a damaging effect on each other. The first step should always be to decide which plants you want in your garden, then do your homework and ensure you won’t face any significant issues once the growing season begins.

Below you will find some excellent garden combinations, bear in mind however, that whilst the individual pairings work well together, the entire list below may not all work in harmony.

Tomatoes and Chives.

When chives are planted closer to tomatoes they can act as a protective measure. Since chives have a scent similar to onions, they can act as deterrent to aphids, allowing the tomatoes to grow without coming under attack. In addition, the chive scent is not absorbed by the tomatoes, hence there is no risk of contaminated flavor, simply two wonderful kitchen ingredients.

Garlic and Rose

The idea of planting garlic and roses together is certainly not a new inspiration, due to its aroma, garlic is a natural pest repellent for roses. Of course garlic provides an excellent kitchen cooking basic, but in addition, the tiny white and purple flowers that bloom in springtime look beautiful nestled in with the roses and other garden foliage.

Spring Onions and Carrots

Carrots and spring onions are excellent together since each gives a helping hand to the other. The onion scent stops carrot root fly from causing damage. In the same way, the carrot scent prevents onion fly from coming too close. Again you get to enjoy two flourishing plants in your garden, as well as great ingredients for cooking.

Dill, Radish and Cucumber

The chance of cucumber beetles munching their way through your crop is greatly alleviated with the addition of radish. For an extra level of security you can also plant dill nearby, this works to attract predators who will eat pests, without eating your precious cucumbers.

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