12 Ways to Improve Fuel Efficiency

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3. Give your gasoline the extra boost it needs. By using a proven liquid fuel catalyst, you will able to clean up your engine so your vehicle produces fewer harmful emissions. As an added bonus, the right fuel catalyst can increase fuel economy and improve engine power.

4. Take your vehicle in for a tune-up, or at the very least, get routine vehicle maintenance done. Even something as seemingly minor as a dirty engine air filter can have a dramatic impact on fuel efficiency. It’s simple, a clean engine runs cleaner.

5. Try to keep your gas tank at least one-quarter full. If you allow your vehicle to run really low on gas, the sentiment which has likely settled at the bottom of your tank may end up getting mixed in. To avoid using the dirtiest gas in your tank, don’t let your car run on empty.

6. Get routine oil changes. Doing this will help make sure the oil in your vehicle does not get dirty. According to CalRecycle, vehicle owners should check the manufacturer recommendations as to when oil should be changed. Changing the oil too often, or not often enough, can cause your vehicle harm.

7. Avoid excessive idling, whenever and wherever possible. If you do not need to keep your car running, turn it off. Idling, whether it be while waiting for a loved one, while going through the drive-through or any other reason, wastes gas and increases the amount of harmful emissions being spewed into the environment.

8. Use cruise control. When going on long trips, it is advised you use the cruise control on your vehicle. This can help you minimize rapid acceleration and deceleration, so as to maintain a more constant speed, which will in turn, improve gas mileage and fuel efficiency.

9. Slow down. Be sure to follow posted speed limit signs. Speeding is another driving habit which can lead to lower fuel efficiency. For the majority of vehicles, driving between 40 and 60 miles per hour will be the so-called “sweet spot,” to maximize the efficiency of your engine.

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