5 Planet-Friendly Ways To Keep Yourself Cool This Summer

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4. Choose Cool Linens

Your clothing choices play a big role in how hot or cold you feel. The color white is proven to reflect the sun and keep you cooler. In fact, in hot countries like India, whitewashing the roof of a house is a common practice as it brings down the indoor temperature by 5-10 degrees! So it stands to reason that wearing white clothes and other light colors will help you keep away the heat.

Choosing breathable fabrics like cotton also protects you from high temperatures due to its light and airy nature. Avoid synthetic fabrics like nylon and spandex, and opt for free-flowing, pastel linens in the summer months.

COIT recommends using cotton sheets to sleep on, advising people to choose percale weave over sateen for optimal coolness, and to not be fooled by ultra-high thread counts—higher thread counts don’t always equate to higher quality, and can be much warmer than lower thread count sheets.

5. Take Advantage of Public Spaces

If you absolutely need to cool off in an air-conditioned environment, then choose a public space. Places like malls, libraries, and cafes use their air conditioning to maintain pleasurable temperatures within large areas. These public spaces cool many people down at one time, which is more beneficial for the environment than each of those individuals using their own ACs in their homes.

It’s the same concept as carpooling rather than driving your own private vehicle to work everyday. Even though it may not seem like much, the long-term effects of these green practices are considerable.

These five tips should help keep you cool this summer, no matter where you are, with minimal damage to the environment. Obviously there will be days when you need to resort to AC, and when you do, be sure to use these tips to conserve energy (and money!) on your bills.

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