5 Smart Home Gadgets For Smarter Energy Consumption

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2. June Intelligent Oven – Energy Efficient Convection Oven

After taking a load off in your temperate abode, it’s now time to prepare dinner for the night. But wait – don’t be so quick to preheat the kitchen oven just yet! Those culinary firehouses demand an astronomical amount of energy, and remember, you’d be just one of the millions of Americans performing the same demanding task. Instead of exacerbating the strain on the electric grid, turn to the energy efficient June Intelligent Oven to bring to life your appetizing creations! Although toaster ovens are typically viewed as the incompetent younger sibling to their much larger counterparts, the June Intelligent Oven’s precise thermal engineering guarantees a quality meal that is sure to satisfy your cravings AND improve your energy efficiency. The advanced carbon fiber heating elements eliminate the need for prolonged preheating, resulting in a considerable amount of energy being saved. Additionally, the overall cooking time is significantly reduced due to the high-volume convection fans that accelerate the cooking process by 25%. Thus, you can enjoy a hearty meal prepared using half the energy, in half the time.

3. Belkin WeMo Insight Switch – Smart Electrical Outlet

Following a nice hearty dinner – courtesy of the June Intelligent Oven – you’re now ready to prop your feet up and recline while watching your favorite evening TV series. However, before reaching for the remote and getting too comfortable, you’ll have to reach for your smartphone to ensure that the WeMo Switch is permitting your TV to be powered on. With its advanced technology, WeMo can be controlled via Wi-Fi to help reduce energy consumption of demanding appliances and electronics. Seeing as your nightly shows don’t premiere until 8:00p.m. – and you’ve been away from home since 7:00a.m. – there’s no need for your TV to be squandering large quantities of energy throughout the day. Unbeknownst to many consumers, appliances and electronics that are physically plugged into electrical outlets continue to consume energy despite their appearing to be powered off. In other words, just because you turn off your TV before heading to work in the morning, doesn’t mean that it won’t continue to use power. Fortunately, with the help of WeMo, you can banish energy vampires and ensure that your home appliances are as energy efficient as possible.

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