5 Smart Home Gadgets For Smarter Energy Consumption

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4. BeOn Starter Pack – Smart Lighting

Now that the show has ended you’ll have to wait all the way until next week’s season finale to find out the jaw-dropping conclusion. Nonetheless, with the night nearly over, it’s time to turn down the lights and get ready for bed. However, don’t belabor yourself by going from room to room and manually flipping each light switch – after all, you do live in a smart house! Simply use your smartphone to shut off all the lights in your home at once from the comfort of your bed. In the event that your extreme state of evening exhaustion causes you to forget to shut off the lights from your phone, BeOn’s scheduled lighting will automatically turn the lights off for you, as to not have them wastefully consuming energy throughout the night. Equipped with energy efficient LED bulbs, the BeOn system will help to slice your energy bill in half! Perhaps the most impressive feature of this savvy gadget is its ability to store energy for emergency uses. Encounter a power outage during an inopportune time? Don’t fret, BeOn will provide you with five hours of emergency lighting!

5. Samsung SmartThings – Home Automation Hub

Wrapping up this list of energy efficient smart home gadgets is a device that is the crème de la crème – an all-in-one home automation hub. In the event that you want to make your smart home even more savvy, Samsung’s SmartThings allows for you to control your thermostat, lighting, and security systems all in one central device. In addition to conserving energy through each attached system, SmartThings will help to conserve your physical energy by preventing you from having to perform each energy efficient task individually. Essentially, SmartThings is where energy efficiency meets convenience.

The Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative compiled this list by using information posted on each of the respective product webpages. Although each of these smart gadgets are awesome, there are certainly several alternatives for each product. Want to learn how you can become more energy efficient?

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