7 Ways To Reduce Waste And Move Towards Waste- Free Living

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Compostable items open up a wonderful path to a more waste-free existence. Composting is one of the greenest things we can do. It means that less trash is sent to the landfill, and it improves the earth by enriching soil. Many common household items are now available as compostable.

Compostable packaging is becoming more and more common. We can buy organic versions of typically plastic items such as bamboo toothbrushes, natural loofas, jute twine, etc. If it can be made out of wood or something natural, then there is likely a compostable version of it.

However, the most immediate adjustment you can make is with your kitchen and yard waste. These two things, which compromise a lot of garbage, need to be fed back into the earth. It’s how nature was meant to work! In landfills, this vital natural cycle becomes toxic.

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