7 Ways To Reduce Waste And Move Towards Waste- Free Living

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Disposable items have been sold to us with a ruse of convenience. In reality, they’re creating a huge mess that someone at some point is going to have to deal with. Plus, if we add up the actual financial cost of the perceived convenience, how many hours are we working for it?

Instead, we can take time to dine in instead of having take-out. This means no plastic bags, no styrofoam containers, no plastic flatware, no tiny packages of condiments, no to-go cups. We can avoid using paper plates at home. We can refuse plastic bags at supermarkets and quick-stops.

Otherwise, there are commonly consumed items such as disposable razors, tiny toiletries, and diapers that cost a fortune when we could just buy lasting, low-waste versions instead. Disposability hasn’t added nearly as much convenience as it has cost, both environmentally and economically.

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