7 Ways To Reduce Waste And Move Towards Waste- Free Living

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Bulk items are another thing that makes more sense both environmentally and economically. Tiny packages of things equate to us paying more for what we want, because we have to pay for all that packaging as well. Meanwhile, we are simultaneously adding to landfills.

These days, many conscientious stores have caught on and provide bulk bins for all sorts of non-perishable foods: dried fruits, nuts, rice, beans, spices, etc. (Remember those reusable bags!) Some places even offer stations for refilling your shampoo, soap, and other toiletry items.

The smaller the quantities we buy, the more often we have to purchase them, the more packaging necessary, and the more transportation, distribution, and production required. Single-serving sizes equate to bulk-size garbage piles, while bulk purchases make less waste.

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