21 Easy DIY Garden Trellis & Vertical Growing Structures

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As a garden designer and plant lover, I visit gardens every chance I get. One of my favorite garden elements is the garden trellis.

A garden trellis can add so much charm and functionality to a garden. It offers supports for beautiful flowering or fruiting vines, and helps to create enchanting outdoor spaces such as tunnels, gate ways, green walls and mini retreats.

I hope these 21 DIY-friendly garden trellises and vertical growing structures will inspire you and I to explore all the creative possibilities of an abundant and beautiful garden!

1 & 2. Bean Teepees are magical

A teepee is a very easy to build garden trellis.

A magical bean teepee is a delightful retreat for all ages! All you need are a few bamboo sticks or tree branches, and some twine. You can also use it as a cucumber trellis.  ( Source: 12 )

3. Tomato trellis works better than tomato cages

This simple tomato trellis made it possible for us to grow over 100 lbs of tomatoes in just 20 square feet.

4 & 5. Enchanting bean and gourd tunnels

A tunnel adds so much charm to a garden. It invites us to walk through and explore the garden with childlike wonder. ( Source: 4 | 5 )

6 & 7. Bamboo pole trellis : just add twine!

Bamboo poles are strong yet light weight, which makes them easy to work with. This type of garden trellis is great for growing tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, etc. ( Source: 6 | 7 )

8 & 9. Simple and sturdy A-frame garden trellis panels

Two wood framed panels joined together with hinges, these garden trellis panels can be stored flat when not in use. ( Source: 8 | 9 )

10 & 11. More A-frame trellis panels

Red is a great color for a cucumber trellis, isn’t it? ( Source: 10 | 11 )

12 & 13. Garden trellis planters

A free standing wood or metal garden trellis planter is an effective way to create a screen or dress up a blank wall. ( Source: 12 | 13 )

14 & 15. More delicious tunnels

A tunnel type garden trellis is amazing, especially when there are delicious fruits, veggies and pretty flowers hanging from it. ( Source: 14 | 15 )

16 & 17. Obelisk … fancy word!

An obelisk is a tall, four-sided, narrow tapering monument which ends in a pyramid-like shape at the top. It is a classic type of garden structure that adds elegance to a garden. ( Source: 16 | 17 )

18 & 19. Timeless inspirations: classic garden trellis planters

Before people had power tools, they made incredibly beautiful garden trellis structures like these using flexible branches from Willow or other native trees. ( Source: 18 | 19 )

20 & 21. Ladder planters: garden trellis planter hybrid!

In compact outdoor spaces, we can grow herbs and vegetables with planters attached to a sturdy frame that leans on any vertical surface. ( Source: 20 | 21 )

Happy growing! See you next week!

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