8 Tips to Make Your Window Box Flourish and 11 Ideas to Inspire You

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Is it important for you to have gorgeous window boxes decorating your home each year? In that case, you’ll be interested to know how many ways you can push those window boxes right over the top.

There are multiple tips for making your flowers grow better in window boxes, and you have many different options for creating unique window boxes.

Each of these tips will add more curb appeal, which is the end goal for most when planting window boxes.

If you’d like to get a few more creative ideas to use on your window boxes this year or learn a few tips on making your flowers grow better in those window boxes here is what you need to know:

I used to see full window boxes which were overflowing with gorgeous flowers and watched in envy. I had window boxes, but they seemed so scraggly in comparison to the lush ones I’d see on the internet.

But I learned a few tips which have transformed my window boxes for the better.

8 Tips to Make Your Window Box Flourish

1. Potting Soil Matters

When you plant your window boxes, it all must begin with quality soil. You won’t have to replace the soil each year, as you should have some leftover from the prior growing season.

However, you’ll need to fork the old potting soil around and top the window boxes off with a new layer of fresh soil to give your plants the start they deserve.

2. Fertilize Regularly

If you grow a vegetable garden, you know to fertilize sparingly or you end up with beautiful foliage but not much fruit.

Well, flowers are the opposite. They love fertilizer. It’s a good idea to apply fertilizer to your window boxes one time a week, if possible.

3. Fill’em Up

One of my biggest problems when I had scraggly window boxes, was the fact I followed planting instructions instead of putting my plants closer together.

If you spread your plants out, they’ll look spacey. If you want lush, full, and vibrant window boxes, plant your flowers closer together to give them a fuller appearance.

I tried to follow the instructions I found on the packages or internet, but for window boxes, it’s a good idea to toss those instructions to the wind and fill your boxes up for a better turn out.

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