8 Tips to Make Your Window Box Flourish and 11 Ideas to Inspire You

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4. Be Choosey

Your window boxes aren’t going to be in the same location as every post you see on the internet. Some people get a ton of sun on the front of their house, while others have shade.

You should consider this when deciding what to plant in your window boxes. If your window boxes are in direct sun, you need flowers which enjoy the sun. If you have window boxes in the shade, you should choose flowers which thrive in the shade.

5. Water, Water, Water

Watering your window boxes is important. The flowers aren’t in the ground. Meaning, they only have a certain amount of soil to pull moisture from.

If the moisture isn’t there, your plants won’t thrive. You don’t want to overwater your plants, by any means. But if you stick your finger into the soil and it’s dry, you should give your plants some water.

6. Where Will the Water Go?

One year, I found this excellent idea to plant flowers in mason jars. I didn’t take into account there are no drainage holes in mason jars.

You probably know my flowers didn’t hold up due to lack of drainage. Be sure to choose planter boxes with drainage holes. It will ensure your soil is well-drained, and your plants won’t be swamped with too much water.

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