15 Super Cool Backyard Garden Ideas

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3. Stone Path

Stone paths are a classic touchstone (pun intended) of gardens everywhere. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can be anything from purely decorative to highly functional. This particular set is sunk just slightly into the lawn for a discreet look that’s easy to run a mower over without trouble.

4. Pink Garden Boxes

So, remember how we talked about these projects being seamlessly integrated into their environments? We didn’t necessarily mean that they’d blend in. This idea is a testament to the power of stark contrast and, well, bright pink. It’s an unexpected, bright burst of color in a neutral, natural environment and frames the garden in a really exciting way.

5. Raised Garden Boxes

We love garden boxes because they’re not only functional, they add a fresh layer of beauty to any garden. First of all, they’ll raise your plants and frame them in a handsome fashion while keeping them protected from trampling feet and even water damage during heavy rain.

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