How to use wine bottles, coffee filters, and eggshells to grow bigger plants as quickly as possible

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Anything that can make our lives easier in the garden is a good thing. Strike that. A great thing. And if it saves us a little money and time while we’re at it, then sign us up.

These DIY garden hacks are the best ideas we’ve found for making everyday things work for you in the garden! Clever and full of ingenuity, we just wish we had thought of them! But hey, we’re bringing them to you, aren’t we? You can thank us later.

Wine Bottle Watering Hack

This photo above, is a photo Steve took while we were at a wedding event in the Walla Walla wine country.

Prevent Plants from Spreading with Plastic Pots

You know those cheap plastic pots you get from the nursery, only to throw away? Recycle them by using them to control those invasive plants in your garden with this easy tip from Family Handyman.

Simply cut the bottom out of the pot, then sink it into the ground with the lip below ground level. The open bottom allows the roots to grow down, but prevents the plant from spreading through your petunias!

More Plastic Pots

Another use for cheap plastic pots? From Vegetable Gardener, sink plastic pots to make summer squash grow like mad. The open bottom pots force water to go deep into the soil, making watering easier and more efficient, and creating healthier plants that produce more fruit.

Keep Soil Intact with a Coffee Filter

Popsugar has a great tip for you from the kitchen… Place a coffee filter in the bottom of a pot before you plant to keep soil from washing out through the drainage holes. Great for indoor and outdoor potted plants.

Improve Soil with Eggshells

From Missy at Graceful Little Honey Bee, improve your soil with eggshells and a blender. The blender helps speed up the breakdown of the eggshells adding valuable nutrients and organic matter to the soil.

Save Money (and Soil) with Soda Cans

Tired of heavy large planters filled with expensive potting soil? Me too, especially since when filling them with annuals, their roots only use the top 6 inches! Bees Knees Bungalow has a great tip for you… Fill the bottom half of the pot with old (lightweight) things lying around to take up space (ie. soda cans). Then you only need to use half the soil. Check out her site to see how pretty that planter was after!

Same idea from Family Handyman… except they use those styrofoam packing peanuts so you don’t have to just throw them away!

Mini Greenhouse

Help those window sill seedlings thrive by creating a mini greenhouse from a pop bottle with the top cut off, from Disney Family. Be sure to take the cover off the seedlings for an hour or so a day, and don’t leave it on in direct sun. Poke a hole or two in the top if it is consistently steamy. You want it warm, but not a tropical jungle!…

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