24 Practical DIY Storage Ideas To Organize Your Lawn And Garden

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One of my favorite things is spending time outdoors – when the weather permits, that is. Recently, I started thinking about how I could spruce up my outdoor living spaces and give myself a bit more organization and space outside. I looked around and found 24 of the most amazing DIY storage ideas that will help you to organize your lawn and garden. These are all easy to build and you can make a lot of them with upcycled or repurposed materials so they are really cheap.

If you love spending time outdoors but could use some organization, these are perfect for helping you to keep things put up and out of the way. Whether you need organization for your pool area or you want to update your garden shed, you are going to find the most perfect DIY storage idea to help you to make the most of the outdoor space that you have. From storage options for your garden hose to a great little outdoor storage locker for gardening tools and plant necessities, these are some of the most useful DIY storage ideas. And, you should also check out these 49 brilliant organization tips for the garage.

Organizing is such a lifeline for me. I love nothing more than finding a place for everything and keeping things put away so that I can maximize the space that I have available. These are honestly some of the most creative tips for organizing your outdoors and they are all so very easy to make. You can buy outdoor organization but why would you spend all of that money when you can simply make your own? And, you have the satisfaction of showing off your DIY organization.

1. Easy Wicker Basket Storage

Easy Wicker Basket StorageA simple wicker basket can give you so much storage potential in the garage or garden shed. You could even hang wicker baskets on your deck and use them to keep small gardening tools or even toys organized. And, wicker baskets are pretty cheap if you hit up your local thrift stores. Goodwill normally has them for around a dollar or so each and they hold so much stuff!

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2. DIY Bolt Hangers

DIY Bolt HangersYou can get large – like really huge – bolts at any hardware or home improvement stores. You can then use those bolts to hang up any number of things to keep them more organized. Use large bolts to hang your gardening essentials like gloves or a watering can. These would also be great for drying towels by the pool or you could use them to keep your garden hose rolled up and put away.

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3. DIY Bike Storage Rack

DIY Bike Storage RackI absolutely love this bike storage rack. Not only does it help you to keep your bikes all together and organized, the bikes slide into the rack so they are hidden away. This helps to keep your lawn cleaner and more organized and helps to protect your bikes from the weather. If you don’t have a garage where you typically store your bicycles, this DIY bike storage rack is an absolute must. And it’s a pretty easy build, too.

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4. Easy DIY Outdoor Storage Bench

Easy DIY Outdoor Storage BenchYou could buy one of these outdoor storage benches at any home improvement store or most department stores, but it will set you back quite a bit. A good one is going to cost you way over $100, but you can make it for just a fraction of that. These things have great storage potential and they double as seating so if you are planning huge outdoor gettogethers and don’t have enough seating, you will when you build one of these. Plus, it’s a pretty easy bench to build. You can also build a great looking storage bench from cinder blocks that gives you loads of space.

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