24 Practical DIY Storage Ideas To Organize Your Lawn And Garden

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5. Simple DIY Garden Tool Storage

Simple DIY Garden Tool StorageThis little tool storage shed is really simple to make and it helps you to keep those garden tools organized and protected from the weather. Build it wherever you have room – it’s pretty small so it doesn’t take up much space. And, you could use wood that you have leftover from other projects. Even if you have to purchase all of the lumber, this one will be much cheaper to build than it would be to buy.

Tutorial: gardenista

6. Easy DIY Tool Shed Organization

Easy DIY Tool Shed OrganizationJust a few things from around the house could help you to organize your tool shed and keep things put away. Plastic bins that you can get at the Dollar Store can be used to hold gloves and other items and you can add closet bars to hold tools that can be hung and your garden hose. You don’t even have to buy anything for this one – just repurpose things that you already have on hand.

Tutorial: thecavenderdiary

7. Simple Farmhouse Inspired Garden Hose Holder

Simple Farmhouse Inspired Garden Hose HolderThe next time you visit the Dollar Store or your favorite thrift store, pick up a galvanized bucket. You can use it to create the perfect farmhouse storage for your garden hose. Not only will your hose fit inside perfectly, you will have the most adorable hose storage in your neighborhood and this is one of the simplest DIY projects that you could do. You really have to love DIY farmhouse furniture and décor.

Tutorial: redfarmhouse

8. DIY Garbage Can Storage Area

DIY Garbage Can Storage AreaThose outside garbage cans are great for keeping trash out of the house but what about organizing the can itself? This DIY garbage can storage area is really easy to build and a little lattice sort of hides the can away from the door. Plus, it keeps your trash can off the ground so rain and snow won’t get all over the bottom and it is much easier to move to the curb when trash pickup comes around.

Tutorial: ishouldbemoppingthefloor

9. Easy DIY Garden Hose Storage Bench

Easy DIY Garden Hose Storage BenchThis little bench is perfect for hiding away your garden hose or other garden necessities and you can build it in just two days and for less than $200. You can’t buy a bench like this for cheaper than $200. Not only does this one give you a bit of storage but you also have extra seating for when you host those outdoor gettogethers.

Tutorial: sunset

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