6 Weird But Brilliant Tricks We Can Learn From Gardeners Around The World

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It is time to start planning the season of 2018. Holidays are coming and you are probably spending your free time snuggled in with some seed catalogs, or maybe creating your vision of garden delights.

We will present you some insights of professional gardeners that are sharing their 6 weird but brilliant tricks that work every time.

1. A cooler can double as tool storage and a garden seat

According to Carlos Charriez, science teacher and manager of the organic garden at Wilmington Friends School, you should bury a large cooler halfway the soil, then store your garden tools inside of it and the top doubles as a dry seat to use while you plan your next garden project.

2. Distribute seeds evenly with help from a saltshaker

Usually there’s no relationship between the size of a seed and the fruit or vegetable it produces. Carrots are difficult to plant, difficult to sow, however, there are some tricks that will make the process much easier. Plant the seeds using a saltshaker. By doing so you will be able to distribute the seeds evenly. Additionally, you should protect those tiny seeds from the wind. Kurt Mitschke, a famous gardener on Instagram says to “cover your tiny surface-sown seeds, like carrots and lettuce, with a layer of burlap to prevent them from drying out”.

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